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Become a Volunteer

Volunteers play an important role in the life of Mind in Ealing and Hounslow, both in the delivery of services and in the provision of administrative and organisational support.  Volunteering offers opportunity for people who, for various reasons, may not be ready, able or willing take on paid employment, to offer their free services to the organisation.  In return what volunteers expect to get is stimulating work in a supportive and welcoming environment in which they may acquire new skills, build on their experience, or simply make use of their spare time in ways that will be fruitful and beneficial to them.


Short Term and Project Volunteering

Volunteers may sometimes be engaged for short periods of time in very limited scopes of work.  Usually, however, volunteers offer longer-term services.  There are also opportunities for occasional volunteer support, as from those who may only offer to help with a particular task, such as a specific fundraising campaign, a trip by service users, or preparation for a major event like an annual general meeting.  Our use of volunteers also covers the engagement of professionals and experts in such areas as publicity and public relations, media interface, fundraising and grant-seeking, and human resources development. 


All volunteers, even occasional ones, work in the name of, and on behalf of, Mind in Ealing and Hounslow.  This therefore requires standard regulation of the processes for their recruitment and engagement, to ensure that they work to the basic standards expected of all other staff, and to avoid any acts of a volunteer placing the organisation in dispute or disrepute.  Volunteers will need to have structures and systems to assure their health and safety as well as clarity about their roles, and access to the organisation’s provisions for grievances and supervision.


Recruitment of Volunteers

Projects may receive enquiries from members of the public who want to volunteer for the organisation, or the particular project.  Additionally, Project Managers and Workers may identify personnel and skills gaps within the projects which could be filled through volunteer recruitment.  In either of these instances, Mind in Ealing and Hounslow, as employer, is required to recruit and engage workers (paid or voluntary, full or part-time) subject to employment legislation and other regulations relating to the employment of people who work with vulnerable adults.


The recruitment and engagement of volunteer workers is regulated by the Head Office of Mind in Ealing and Hounslow.  All requests and enquiries should be directed to Head Office.

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