Services we provide

Mind in Ealing and Hounslow offers a wide range of services to fulfil the needs of people in the local community who experience mental ill health. These are designed to provide support to the individual, rebuild confidence and aid them on the road to recovery.

Advocacy Services

Our advocacy services are free and operate independently of the mental health or social services. The advocate offers you the opportunity to speak with someone in confidence on a wide range of issues and supports service users to make informed decisions concerning their rights and treatment.

Day Service

Our Activity Centre is a place for people who have mental health problems to go for company and mutual support. We seek to lessen isolation and offer structured and enjoyable activities to help people regain their self assurance within a safe and friendly environment.

Who can use our services?

If you live in the Boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow and surrounding areas you may access any of the above services.

Referral Procedure

For all of the above services you can be referred by primary services (by GP’s or other primary mental health services) or secondary care services (by a social worker or CPN via the CPA process), by self-referral and by family.

For further details, please see the individual leaflets or contact the service you require.